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Feisty, and smart, that's his type.
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November 2022 update-

November 2022 update- published on

This is Cas and I thought I’d update this area. You know… Like I said I would. Oops.
Anyway. I thought I’d drop a link here to my main site going over some things from the trip I took with Kiades. Lots of picture spam. Many trees, much fish.

Click below for California trip highlights~

And before I go. I thought I’d update one other thing!
As of this posting we are sitting on four more pages for chapter one of this comic, not only that, but it’s one month away from MHSF’s (2.0) two year anniversary!
I’m excited! Not just because I’m completing this chapter soon, not just because I’ve stuck with this already for two years, but because I can’t wait to start on chapter two.
I’ll be taking a break after chapter one for a time in order to work on the script and writing for chapter two.
(it’s a case of, I got it in my head but not on paper… I really need to get it down on paper.)

Anyway. Hoping the rest of your year goes well, and to a good next year. Cheers!

– Cas the Monster

Going on vacation- Be back soon!

Going on vacation- Be back soon! published on

This is Cas here, letting you all know that Kiades and I will be going on vacation soon!
Which means I also posted the new page a few days early!
Which also means that the next page may be late. Hopefully it isn’t, but in case it is, this would be why. At least… I hope this would be why.

Fingers crossed that if it’s late it’s only due to a much needed vacation!

– Cas, the monster on break~

P.S. It was my birthday this past month. Woot, go me! I survived another round around the sun~

First year anniversary, comic convention, site updates and more!

First year anniversary, comic convention, site updates and more! published on

Hello! Long time no type, eh? I’d like to apologize for a long absence. There has been a lot going on here and it’s hard to put down just what all has been happening, but I’ll do my best~

First, happy -late- first year anniversary for Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers! It hit one year old on December 23rd!
(Well, this rendition, but shhh no one needs to know about that.)

Secondly, my many apologies for such a late page. Truthfully it’s been done for a couple of months but a lot of life things have been happening and which brings me to the third thing, which is my office/studio room has been closed for months for deep cleaning. I’m hoping to get it back soon, but in the meantime I’ve moved my computer and tablet to another location so I can work again!

Third. No… Fourth!
If you are in Missouri in the St.Charles area or somewhere nearby, you can come meet me, Cas the monster, and Kiades the computer guy, at the St.Charles Mighty Con comic con on June 18th and 19th! Come by, say hello! Talk about random art things, comic things, food things! You can buy my stuff or even just loiter! Just whatever you do, don’t forget to check out the other awesome people there, seriously, some great artists here!

And fifth, though, it’s not really pertaining to this site, I’d like to still announce a nice shiny new look over on my main art site!
And since i figured out that site, maybe I can get to work on polishing up this one soon. Give it a proper banner and such? Yeah, that’d be nice.

Anyway, I don’t want to bore people with all the life things that have been happening recently, just a lot of reality caving in on our parade, hopefully it’ll smooth out soon.
Being an adult is hard man. Reality just needs to let me get back to my comics and stories.

Well wishes, and hoping you people are all safe out there-
Cas The Monster~

Late comic~

Late comic~ published on

Unfortunately this months page will be late. How late? I don’t know.

This has to do with a Photoshop issue where shrinking the page down to a smaller size for the website causes it to become pixelated. Both Kiades and myself are working on correcting this.

Fortunately this is the last page I’m doing in Photoshop (as far as the foreseeable future goes) as I’ll be switching over to Clip Studio. The next page may be late just because I’m still getting use to the program, but so far (inking the next page) things feel so much smoother!
Hey maybe I might get pages done faster than one month at a time?
…A monster could only dream~

Monsterly hoping – Cas

Comic updated! Happy June!

Comic updated! Happy June! published on

Hope you all had a wonderful May, and a happy Beltane to those who celebrated. Here’s to hoping June and the coming summer solstice treats everyone well.

New page is up! But, you probably already saw that.

I’m also here to share a few more updates. I increased the page sizes. This was something that had been bugging me since the first page. Not sure if anyone else had a problem, but I was having a hard time reading and I figured if I had a hard time reading, others did too. So, I upped the size ratio! Now it’s hopefully more readable!

Other news-

I put a Ko-Fi link up on the site. It’s still under construction but it’s still able to take donations. You don’t have too, but any little bit really helps keep this comic going, and it’s really appreciated!

I’ll have to think of something to reward you guys with!

– Cas

New things afoot!

New things afoot! published on

Check it out, a new site update!
A lot of tweaks and changes I’ve been working on behind the scenes finally launched today, plus a few extra things I’ve been meaning to get working has made it’s way into the site updates!

Some of the new updates feature an archive page… That actually has archived pages on it! A characters page with characters in it… Okay one character but the cast grows, I promise! Also a links page with a link over to my artist website, along with some social media links and a coming soon area for a shop page I’m working on. I’ve also added a section for the old comic and an art page!
I have more things to add sometime in the future but for now I think the site is looking pretty snazzy!
Oh yeah, probably already noticed, but I also updated the comic about a day ago. So much new shiny~

– Cas The monster


Greetings! published on

Welcome to Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers, hope you enjoy the story!
The first page for Mechanical Hearts synthetic Flowers is up! The coming pages may be a while, I want to build up a proper buffer of pages, and the holidays may slow this down a little, but rest assured it’ll happen!

The site is currently a work in progress, it may be a while under construction.

I hope everyone has/had a great holiday season and a happy new year, cheers~

– Cas

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