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News for general site updates and website wonkyness.

Comic updated! Happy June!

Comic updated! Happy June! published on

Hope you all had a wonderful May, and a happy Beltane to those who celebrated. Here’s to hoping June and the coming summer solstice treats everyone well.

New page is up! But, you probably already saw that.

I’m also here to share a few more updates. I increased the page sizes. This was something that had been bugging me since the first page. Not sure if anyone else had a problem, but I was having a hard time reading and I figured if I had a hard time reading, others did too. So, I upped the size ratio! Now it’s hopefully more readable!

Other news-

I put a Ko-Fi link up on the site. It’s still under construction but it’s still able to take donations. You don’t have too, but any little bit really helps keep this comic going, and it’s really appreciated!

I’ll have to think of something to reward you guys with!

– Cas

New things afoot!

New things afoot! published on

Check it out, a new site update!
A lot of tweaks and changes I’ve been working on behind the scenes finally launched today, plus a few extra things I’ve been meaning to get working has made it’s way into the site updates!

Some of the new updates feature an archive page… That actually has archived pages on it! A characters page with characters in it… Okay one character but the cast grows, I promise! Also a links page with a link over to my artist website, along with some social media links and a coming soon area for a shop page I’m working on. I’ve also added a section for the old comic and an art page!
I have more things to add sometime in the future but for now I think the site is looking pretty snazzy!
Oh yeah, probably already noticed, but I also updated the comic about a day ago. So much new shiny~

– Cas The monster


Greetings! published on

Welcome to Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers, hope you enjoy the story!
The first page for Mechanical Hearts synthetic Flowers is up! The coming pages may be a while, I want to build up a proper buffer of pages, and the holidays may slow this down a little, but rest assured it’ll happen!

The site is currently a work in progress, it may be a while under construction.

I hope everyone has/had a great holiday season and a happy new year, cheers~

– Cas

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