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Hello, I’m Cas the creator and maker of this comic of which I’d like to welcome you to!

This is Mechanical Hearts Synthetic Flowers-
A bit of an experimental comic where I wanted to do something more like a graphic novel. There may be narration and walls of texts as I learn how to strike a balance between the visual and the ‘textual’, but hey, isn’t everything in life about learning?

A word of warning-
Though the beginning of this comic might be tame, there are parts I’ve written out later down the road that has more mature content in it. I’ll be marking this with warnings as I go, but just a heads up, this is a scifi-noir-private detective trope type story and there is bound to be some stuff come up. Murder, drugs, alcohol, violence, ect.

The story follows the lives of Valerie Genevieve, a short and scrappy ex-police woman, and Frank Carrfrim, an old android with even older memories, two private detectives sleuthing the dirty streets of the mega city Nuit.
Both gum shoes are on their last chances and have to rely upon each other, and though it’s not at all bad, Carrfrim has begun fighting with human sensations he thought were long gone.

So pull up a seat, it’s going to be a long ride~

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