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November 2022 update-

November 2022 update- published on

This is Cas and I thought I’d update this area. You know… Like I said I would. Oops.
Anyway. I thought I’d drop a link here to my main site going over some things from the trip I took with Kiades. Lots of picture spam. Many trees, much fish.

Click below for California trip highlights~

And before I go. I thought I’d update one other thing!
As of this posting we are sitting on four more pages for chapter one of this comic, not only that, but it’s one month away from MHSF’s (2.0) two year anniversary!
I’m excited! Not just because I’m completing this chapter soon, not just because I’ve stuck with this already for two years, but because I can’t wait to start on chapter two.
I’ll be taking a break after chapter one for a time in order to work on the script and writing for chapter two.
(it’s a case of, I got it in my head but not on paper… I really need to get it down on paper.)

Anyway. Hoping the rest of your year goes well, and to a good next year. Cheers!

– Cas the Monster

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