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That voice no one hears but the reader. That’s okay though, the narrator doesn’t mind.

Chapter 1 Page 11

Chapter 1 Page 11 published on

Five pages to go!
This page is very late. A lot of things happened behind the scenes. Hard to get into it, but let’s just say I needed a vacation after my vacation! Hah.
That said, the vacation was rather nice. Highly recommend going to see the giant redwood trees of California and visiting further south to the San Fransisco, and then the Bay area. Really, San Fran has this awesome Japanese center with all sorts of cool shops and food places. A hell of an awesome book store in there too!

But, uh yeah. Hell of a drive from San Fransisco to the redwoods then back south towards the Bay Area. Hoping to update my main site sometime with the highlights. I’ll try to remember linking back to it here, or in the news area of the site.

Chapter 1 Page 9

Chapter 1 Page 9 published on

A comic page on time? No way!
Actually, I got this done a couple days early! Woot, go me! To think this marks us having 7 pages left. Yup, that’s right. After page 10 there will only be 6 pages left for this first chapter. Which also means I really need to get back to writing the next chapter.
Well… You know what they say- There ain’t no rest for the wicked.

By the way, because the detail probably won’t show on this site. I did a couple of zoom in previews of the window.

– Cas The Ever Busy Monster

Chapter 1 Page 8

Chapter 1 Page 8 published on

This page has been done for months, oops. I’ve been very busy and a lot has been happening. My office/studio room has been closed for months for deep cleaning, but I had my computer and tablet moved out and to another (hopefully temporary) location so I can get back to work! YAY!
Still getting use to Clip Studio, but I’m a lot more comfortable with it now. Hoping to improve some more things, so my apologies for the style shifts.

Chapter 1 Page 6

Chapter 1 Page 6 published on

First, this page is late, secondly, I’d like to apologize for that. I’ve been having boxing matches with Photoshop over just about everything from saving to down sizing images, and unfortunately Photoshop has been winning.
The next page will probably be also late, I’m migrating over to Clip Studio and I’ve got a lot of new things to learn with the new program. That said, I am enjoying Clip Studio quite a bit so maybe once I get it down maybe i can get these pages out faster?

Here’s to hoping!

– Cas

P.S. I’m not overly fond of this page, I wish I would have drawn more of what the narrator was speaking about. Hopefully i do better in the future, after all it’s all a learning process! 🙂

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